UTLX Manufacturing

In-line manufacturing plants located in Alexandria, Louisiana and Sheldon, Texas provide high quality car supply for both leasing and sales. Car repair, maintenance, and qualification are provided by specialized repair shops, On-Site® mini-shops, and Mobile Repair teams. Tank and plastics hopper interior coating and rubber lining facilities continue to raise the bar for lining performance and reliability.

 Union Tank Car, along with its Canadian affiliate Procor and its Mexican agent Carrotanques Unidos, is the largest tank car lessor in North American.
Now and in the future, safety, performance, security and environmental stewardship will drive equipment and operating improvements. “Our industry’s 99.8% safe delivery record is commendable, as is the on-going effort to eliminate non-accident releases,” said William Constantino, Leasing Business Unit Manager. “The performance confirms that transportation safety and security are operational imperatives – not only for THE TANK CAR PEOPLE®, but also for shippers and the railroads. We are working together to find and implement every possible safety improvement.”

Over the past 130 years, Union Tank Car Company’s products and services have always been the top choice for bulk rail shippers. Continuing to lead the industry will be the UTLX goal for the foreseeable future.



Main Number : 844-321-6665